Brighter Side of Toronto

Often times we are too concerned with the bad things that go on in our society; Terrorist Threats and Gun Violence and on lower scale Government Waste and system fraud. And while these are still things that we have to keep an eye on and address as they happen, there are times when we are called to something greater than the negative. Events that show you just how greatly we are blessed when we show compassion in the face of great despair.

Events like what took place this past Monday in Cleveland when out of nowhere a man like Charles Ramsey leaps to the aid of what he thinks is just a simple domestic case, only to find out that he is helping save 3 women held captive for nearly 10 years. In that instance this man,charles-ramsey_550x366 becomes a national hero, not only for the fact that he assisted those girls in getting free but by just being real.

But while the big story was in Cleveland, right here at home Tragedy was turned to triumph and what could have been misery for the kids of Mary Shadd Public School in Malvern became a story of the Heart of Toronto.

According to initial reports the newly built playground for the kindergarten classes at Mary Shadd Public School was set ablaze by someone who likely lives in the area with the purpose of destroying the playground. The story is uniquely heart wrenching because it was only last year that the school was able to build that playground, after it took 5 years of fundraising to get the $20, 000 dollars needed to build it.

Word of the incident spread and many people were outraged that someone would do this to an area that so desperately needs facilities and to kids that had spent most of their years at that school fundraising to build.

And thats when the blessings poured in…

John ToryTomManuel DaCosta_L

First it was Newstalk1010 host John Tory on Tues. evening pledging to offer $500.00 of his own money to help the school rebuild, and then with no formal invitations or even a website created, the drive to rebuild this playground at Mary Shadd took off. The next pledge was from Tom Mihalik of the famous Tom’s Place in Kensington Market who pledged $1,800 to the project, and what happened next is where the story went from truly heartbreaking to the ultimate act of kindness.

A gentleman by the name of Manuel Da Costa informed John Moore of Moore In the Morning on Newstalk1010 that he would donate the balance of the funds needed to rebuild the playground.

24hrs – $20,000…

All because the residents of this city, from the well known and well off to the not so well known but equally blessed giving money for those in need.

THIS IS WHAT TORONTO IS… a city with heart, a city that gives, a city looks out for each other!!!!

And when asked if he wanted to give his story on the radio since he made this whole situation complete, Mr. Da Costa said “thank you but I don’t need the publicity… I’ve been very fortunate in the business that I do… I’m doing this cause I have kids and I know how they would have felt”. Wow talk about a servants heart, Mr. Da Costa may not be religious but that is a true act of God’s will, that we look after our brothers and sisters especially when we have been given so much.

To Date Mary Shadd has received over $60,000 dollars to rebuild the junior playground and they are going to take the extra money to spruce up the playground of the older kids.

In what was a week very mixed emotions, we can never forget that we have the ability to be great and that inspite of the difficulties of life we are able to lift up each other. Toronto no matter the Mayor in charge or the years that pass will always be:



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