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You Know What Really Grinds my Gears…


Gas Plants and Voters Apathy…

So on Tuesday morning the former premier of Ontario came before the justice committee to explain his role in the Gas Plant cancellations in Mississauga and Oakville and true McGuinty fashion he pulled out his snake oil and was selling it as only he can.

He said (and I’m paraphrasing here)

You can’t outsmart the truth… we made a mistake placing the plants there in the first place
We made this decision to late and we regret that…

And the line of the day…

We did it for the children!!!

More like you did it to save your sorry self.

But of all the answers McGuinty gave, what was the most telling testimony of the day was his answer about what he knew the cost estimates were when he made the final decision to cancel the project, and with all the sincerity that he could muster Mr. McGuinty said this:

“I didn’t know what the cost were going to be to close the plants when I made the decision.”

Wow!!! That confession is by far the most outrageous thing that he has ever said.

So in plain English he is saying that he placed a gas plant around hospitals, homes & children (which he says was a mistake), then took 5 years to figure out that it was a bad decision and only when it was going to bite him in the butt politically he had an epiphany that these plants had to be cancelled immediately no matter the cost.
So instead of finding out the best way out of a bad decision by taking the time to get it right, McGuinty did what he figured would secure him an election and announced the cancellations and put them in a terrible bargaining position.

McGuinty and his cabinet played with house money for election votes and we lost our shirts.

So how do we as a voting public respond, how do we decide to hold them accountable?

60% of Ontarians polled say they don’t want an election.

60%… even though close to 70% of people polled think that this same Liberal government is corrupt.

What is wrong with us!!!

When the bankers on Wall Street took outrageous bets with the public’s money, a large majority of the people rose up and demanded for someone to be held accountable, and rightfully so but when this Liberal government that you elected does virtually the same thing and you bend over and ask for more.

This level of Apathy to this complete and utter theft of our money for the purpose of winning a few seats is disgusting. To make matters worse this isn’t their first go around with this kind of gross mismanagement and we as a voting public keep giving them the key to the vault.


The Liberals have been rubbing it in our faces for the last few weeks. Chief of those is the current energy minister Bob Chiarelli, Mr. Chiarelli to got up in the legislature last week and insist that if the opposition wanted the numbers on the cost they should have “Done their homework”. This type of response smacks of a government that feels they don’t answer to anyone.

Wrong again Bob…

You and your government should have known, before you cancelled the plants what the cost were going to be

Bob, your party should have reported that cost to the people who put your sorry asses in office.

Most Importantly Bob, your party and in particular your former Leader Dalton McGuinty should have, regardless of whether it was politically advantageous or not, taken the extra time to do it right, because that’s what good government is supposed to do.

So what is going to take you people to get active?

What will it take you people to kick politicians like McGuinty, Chiarelli and Wynne out on their backsides?